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About Stormers

Stormers are people who participate in the Twitch poker community.

The Stormers club strives to bring those people that wish to be part of a community that offers a safe place in which to chat, view, learn & have fun with others who enjoy being part of Twitch poker.

We welcome all Twitch viewers, poker players & live streamers of poker.

The majority of Stormers

  • Play poker on ACR/WPN
  • Stream mostly ACR content
  • Watch people streaming & playing poker on ACR

ACR Stormers was first established in January 2016 with the support of Americas Cardroom.

That relationship remains to this day & although Stormers operate indepently of the poker client itself, there is a strong relationship that benefits the Stormer community in many ways

Not least the financial & technical support that a generous sponsorship allows

  • Daily Homegame Events.
  • Leaderboard Challenges
  • Private SNG's
  • Regular Raffles, Rewards & Giveaways
  • Advocate to assist with ACR & Twitch matters
  • Discord group
  • Twitch streamer set up advice & support
  • Twitch streamer incentives, rewards and sponsorship
  • + much more

Getting Started With Stormers

Community Information - FAQ - Event Rules & Conditions

Expired Promotions

Streaming Resources

Find resources for streaming here including

Homegame Stream Team

Monday 9 PM ET SnostNLost

Tuesday 9 PM ET Killingbird

Wednesday 9M ET Crazysixes

Thursday 9PM ET 1DullGeek

Friday 9PM ET GodsBigToe

Saturday 2PM ET QuickQuestionNow

Saturday 9PM ET Open Mic Night-Guest Host

Details On @ACRSTormers Click

Sunday 6PM ET VanessaKade


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